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for November 1 - December 31

What It Is:

The PowerMatch Connection Challenge is a fun way to encourage and reward PowerMatch members for business relationship building activities that they are already doing!  Whoever has the most points at the end of the challenge wins the coveted "Connector of the Quarter" award to hold on to until the next round, as well as other other prizes!

How It Works:

Do the business relationship building tasks to win points!  The one with the most points on 5/31/2018 @ 11:59 PM WINS!

These activities will help you grow your own know/like/trust factor and give you more connection opportunities to help your fellow networking partners and help them help you!

  • Write an article that provides education and value to your audience and post it.... 1 pt.
  • Plan a workshop/webinar that positions you as an expert in what you do and schedule it..... 1 pt.
  • Create a video for your business that provides education....1 pt.
  • Create a networking one sheet...1 pt.
  • Create your giveaway that gives value to your fellow PowerMatch members (the one that Sara sends before your PowerMatch meetings)....1 pt.

Please make sure that we are aware of each task you complete either by tagging PowerMatch or emailing us the proof of your activity.  You can do the activities as many times as you'd like from 4/1/2018 until 3/31/2018.


The prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st Prize

  • $100.00 gift card

  • PowerMatch H2O Tumbler

  • The coveted PowerMatch Connector of the Quarter Trophy to display until the next quarter when a new winner is crowned.

2nd Prize

  • $50 gift card

  • PowerMatch H2O Tumbler

3rd Prize

  • PowerMatch H2O Tumbler

  • Bragging rights!!

More Activities!