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PowerMatch Mini Mastermind Sessions

Every business owner needs to bounce ideas off of others every once in a while. That's where our Mini Mastermind Sessions come in! If you are a PowerMatch member who needs some business advice, clarification on an issue that you're dealing with, or general problem solving, here's how to get your very own Mini Mastermind session with fellow PowerMatch members:

1.  Complete this form - It'll help us get an idea about what you want to talk about.

2.  We will review your form and gather a group of 4-5 other PowerMatch members who would like to help you and schedule your mini-mastermind (we use Zoom).

3.  At your mini-mastermind session, you will present the issue you would like to discuss.  Your mastermind panel will then ask clarification questions, give you advice, and help you set some goals.  Your session will take one hour.

4.  After your mini mastermind session, you will be assigned an accountability partner. Your accountability partner will have one more private session with you 1-2 weeks after your mini-mastermind session, to help you stay on track and move you past the issue you're having.


Please understand that the panelists at your mini-mastermind session and your accountability partner are VOLUNTEERING THEIR TIME TO HELP YOU!  Many times, their clients PAY THEM to do exactly what they are doing for you, for free.  Given that, we ask the following of you:

* That you show up to your scheduled session and are prepared to present.

* That you do not go over the 1 hour allocated for the mini mastermind session and the 1 hour allocated for the accountability session

* That you do your best to tell other business associates about how much your panelists have helped you - share their stuff on social media, make referrals for them, talk about them on social media and to your network.

* That you, when you can, get on a mini-mastermind panel and help someone else.

PowerMatch is YOUR business community!  Let's work together to help each other!