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At PowerMatch, we know that we would love to clone every member because we firmly believe that we have the best!  We also recognize that the best PowerMatch members know other business owners who get it, and the truth is, we want more members just like YOU!

We've made our referral program really easy.  Why?  Because we need YOUR help in reaching the best business owners and creating a business community full of members who get networking and its importance and are committed to building business relationships and helping each other!

And don't forget, WE ARE A NATION-WIDE ORGANIZATION!  So you can refer your friends, no matter where they live, because we facilitate both in-person AND remote/phone/Zoom PowerMatch meetings!

Watch the video below about how it all works!

Here's How To Do It!

* No new FAs or Insurance professionals, mortgage professionals, or real estate agents please! We have a waiting list of those!  Also, no MLM reps.

The easiest way to bring on a new member is to email them and tell them why you <3 PowerMatch!  Copy Sara into the email (sara@powermatchonline.com), and ask her to set up a chat with your referral.  We will take it from there!


If they are a little more low maintenance, just send them the link to our website - www.PowerMatchNetwork.com - we always ask who referred them and you will get credit that way!

Here's a template for you to just copy and paste, if you'd like.  Copy sara@powermatchonline.com and we will take it from there and you'll get credit, if they join!

CC: sara@powermatchonline.com


I just wanted to tell you about a networking service that I used that's been helpful to me and my business.  It's called PowerMatch. It's not a traditional networking group - it's more like a matchmaking service for business owners who want to build business relationships.  

I think joining PowerMatch will help your business as well - it's really affordable too! (Some people call it a no-brainer!)

I've copied in Sara Rosenberg.  She's Connector-in-Chief at PowerMatch and will reach out and give you more info!