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Networking is all about building up your KNOW/LIKE/TRUST Factor so you can build business relationships.  Check out our articles on more effective networking and starting in August 2016, we will be posting bi-weekly tips that will help you build awesome relationships with your new networking partners!


Wait - What Do You Do Again?

(All about how to talk about what you do so people will listen!)

Show Me the (Networking) ROI!

(All about to figure out your ntworking ROI!)

"I Met With You, Like, Twice - Now Buy My Stuff!"

(All about what follow up is - and what it isn't!)

Ugh - You Again?

(All about diversifying your network!)

The Networking Rule You Must Follow - the R-Rated Version

(This one is pretty self-explanatory!))

Networking One Night Stands

(All about what to do after an initial meeting!)

Make the Most of Your Membership Tips

These tips have moved to the PowerMatch app!

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