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During Your PowerMatch Meeting

Your first PowerMatch meeting sets the foundation for amazing business relationship opportunties, so put your bst foot forward!

  • Arrive on Time - This should go without saying, but if something comes up, communicate your lateness.  Anything less creates a bad impression. No shows are not tolerated, except in extreme cases.  We do require at least 24 hours notice if you cannot make your PowerMatch meeting.  Please be considerate of other people's time. We are all busy.

  • Come Prepared - Have your PowerMatch Crib Sheet ready (it's attached to your meeting reminder), know who you need to know and how you want to build business relationships

  • Connect! - Talk about your business, but also connect with other things, like hobbies, education, volunteer stuff, etc.  That's where people will relate to you the most.  You can even ask advise and talk about general business ownership issues.  Also, be sure that everyone has a chance to talk!  Ask relevant questions, especially, "How can I help you?" and "Who can I connect you with?"

  • Don't Sell - PowerMatch meetings are NOT sales meetings.  Don't embarass yourself.  Leave the sales presentations at home.

  • Plan Your Follow-Up - The PowerMatch Crib Sheet allows you to plan your follow up right at your PowerMatch meeting and helps keep the momentum of a great networking meeting going!