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Before the PowerMatch Meeting

Preparing for your PowerMatch meeting before you go, greatly increases the effectiveness of the introductions!  Don't wait until the last minute, either!

  • Read the WHY Section - Every PowerMatch meeting  notice gives a reason for your match.  It's a great jumping off point for your meeting!

  • Connect on LinkedIn and Check Out Profiles - Get familiar with what your fellow PowerMatch meeting participants do and with whom they are connected.

  • Connect on Social Media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are a great way to get a handle on your new networking partners' business and personality!  It's also a great way to show support, even before you meet!

  • Drop a Little Note - A few days before your PowerMatch meeting, let them know you are looking forward to the meeting and confirm date/time/location.  This helps your new networking partners further assess you and how you work (and helps begin to build up that Know/Like/Trust Factor!  Print out the PM Crib Sheet, too!

  • Know How You Want to Build a Business Relationship - Do this by knowing exactly what you are looking for in a business relationship and what you bring to the table. Are you looking to collaborate, Cross-promote? Build a referral circle? Create resources for your clients? Have a general idea  before you go to your meeting so you can refine  the opportunities at the meeting!